Concussion Awareness

UpdatedFriday March 2, 2018 byCulpeper Football Association.

The CFA recognizes that player safety is of utmost importance and goes above and beyond to keep children’s safety in mind by providing the safest equipment available and ensuring that CFA Families and Coaches are Concussion Aware. The CFA is able to do this by purchasing new helmets, reconditioning old helmets, requiring all Coaches to complete concussion training, and providing information to the CFA community on concussion safety. 

While helmets may not prevent concussions, research has found that a proper fitting and well-conditioned helmet may reduce the risk of concussions.  With no stated national standards of reconditioning, the CFA works in the best interest of their players by reconditioning helmets every two (2) years. CFA Coaches are all required to complete training on concussion prevention and safety.  Additionally, they teach that safety comes first to help minimize the risks of concussions thru football fundamentals, such as proper tackling and blocking techniques, no helmet to helmet or shoulder to helmet contact, etc.  With education and proper equipment, CFA is better prepared to keep our youth safe while having fun and staying healthy and active in sports.

Further information on Concussion Awareness can be found on the CDC (Center for Disease Control) website and in the attachments below.